CAN 1 self-assessment

I was anxious to avoid sentimentality in the presentation of an emotive subject which included potentially emotionally charged motifs (eg teddy, fairy and other tributes) and kept this in mind at all times, drawing on my understanding of the emotional nuances of focus and colour to make decisions about how to shoot and process the images for this assignment.

I took overall texture and colour into account in making my edits, aiming to a create visually coherent presentation. When framing shots I kept in mind the storylines I wished to convey, taking advantage of opportunities to suggest separation and alientation, eg boundaries or distance between the natural and the man-made.

My intial edit was overstated, and the two sets were much improved by my tutor’s suggestion to remove some of the images explicitly referencing suicide. Returning to the assignment later in the module I merged the two stories into a single narrative thread, and feel that this gives further subtlety to the two-sided narrative and matches much more closely the actual experience of taking this walk, in which both sides of the story are always present simultaneously.

My self-assessment ratings for this assignment are as follows: