CAN 3 self-assessment

The most important thing I learned from this assignment is that shooting intuitively without a specific plan or visualisation in mind is (for me at least) a much better way of approaching a subject than trying to create it intellectually or too consciously. Having made two different sets that consciously responded to the requirement for a biographical theme and found them lacking in interest, I shot this third set simply by selecting views that my eyes fix on for extended periods during a typical day, and only much later came to realise that they are in fact quite intensely autobiographical, not just in their portrayal of my daily life but in their emotional resonance. The lack of personal or interpersonal references, the sense of life reduced to essential routine… this is indeed the reality of my existence as I continue to build a new lifestyle and sense of identity after my 25-year relationship ended last year.

My edit of the set was done in a similarly intuitive way; while there is some sense of progression through the day, and colour, texture and form all come into play, the main criterion I used to sequence the images was that they felt as if they were in the correct order, and didn’t feel so right if they were ordered differently. Consequently this is the first project I’ve done on the course that really feels like a personal expression. I am not quite certain how I did it and don’t know whether I could repeat the same approach (catch-22: thinking about not thinking), but I am happy with how it turned out.

As  I explored the use of different media to print the images I discovered that each brought out a different – often unexpected – aspect of them, and that this array of slightly different viewpoints/interpretations collectively emphasises both the repetitive routines of daily living that are the subject of the images and the ability of such routines to act as calibration devices for measuring incremental change. I am, however, aware that submitting multiple formats may not be appreciated by assessors so have not submitted them all. Nevertheless my future vision would be to present the five variants (photobook, photo prints, prints on muslin, amalgamated print on organza, and video) in a gallery installation.

My self-assessment ratings for this assignment are as follows: