EYV 2 Exercise 2.3

The brief

Choose a subject in front of a background with depth. Select your shortest focal length and take a close low viewpoint, below your subject. Find a natural point of focus and take the shot.

My shot

f/4.0 1/100 ISO 800 focal length 16.00 mm


This isn’t a perspective and format I’d have considered before this exercise, but I can see that it offers the potential to create some strong photos and is a powerful way of emphasising the subject matter. Having seen my results I now suspect that the brutal photographs Bruce Gilden takes of unsuspecting passersby in the street might not just be close-ups in harsh lighting but may also involve the use of a very wide lens to create distortion. The mug in my image is actually quite strongly tapered in shape but has been distorted so that the sides appear parallel, while the vertical walls of the room behind it appear to converge as they rise.

References and resources

Gilden, B. (2017) Bruce Gilden. Available from: http://www.brucegilden.com [accessed 28/01/18]