IAP 2 exercise 2.3 same model, different background

My approach to this exercise was inspired by my concurrent reading of Bull (2010), specifically Bull’s coverage of Kenyon’s (1992) analysis of subjects that tend to be overlooked by snapshot photography and Chalfen’s (1987) calculation that the average 75-year US lifetime is represented by just 30 seconds of shutter time. Both observations of course pre-date the era of ubiquitous digital photography, but Bull’s observations nevertheless increased my understanding of art photography’s interest in the mundane.

Using myself as a model, I therefore set out to record the ordinary details of an ordinary day in my life. I photographed myself on the toilet, in the shower, doing yoga, having breakfast, preparing to go out and do some errands, printing out the postage labels and custom forms for a lamp I’d sold online, and watching tv.

After reviewing the images I decided to crop them to make my sweatpants the main subject, with the background details in each image telling the story of what the person in the sweatpants is doing at each point, and cumulatively documenting a single day in their (my) life.

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