IAP 3 exercise 3.2 aspects of personality

Some of the things that make me uniquely who I am:
– I don’t have a home town and went to 12 different schools
– I’ve never had children or been married
– I didn’t communicate with my mother at all for about 10 years
– I’m very organised
– I have more freckles than anyone else I’ve ever met.

The images below are intended to illustrate the organised aspect of my character, and I think they also speak about the socially detached nature of my lifestyle – although of course not all people who live alone are tidy. In fact I was discussing exactly this point recently with a friend who has also never married or had children but whose home is full of what I would call clutter. So I think these images do say more about my organised and organising character than anything else, and I can envisage expanding them into a series of studies of different people’s characters as revealed through the arrangements of their domestic paraphernalia.

The other idea I considered was a study of people with freckles. This idea was prompted by a visit this afternoon to an exhibition at Brighton Museum entitled 100 First Women Portraits – photographs by Anita Corbin of women who have been the first female in their respective fields. I was very surprised to see that the first regular female TV newsreader Angela Rippon has freckles, and this highlighted the fact that she was the single freckle-faced woman amongst the 100. Perhaps this is an idea I will follow up on at a future date.