IAP A1: reflection before tutor feedback

Does the work fulfil the assessment criteria?

I feel the work demonstrates my growing technical and visual competence in both image capture and post-capture editing. I was pleased that I was able to capture images with a sharp focus on my subjects’ facial features in what were very challenging circumstances. I am by nature an introvert, so approaching these subjects at all, let alone as someone capable of taking a decent picture of them, was extremely testing. Then to concentrate on putting my subject at ease while encouraging them to connect with the camera, answering their questions about the purpose and use of the images, and simultaneously paying attention to what I was doing with the camera presented further challenges. The number of subjects I actually shot was fewer than I would have liked and limited the scope of the resulting series, but it took me more than half a dozen (often fruitless) outings to get them, so I’m just glad I managed to do what I did.

In terms of quality of outcome and demonstration of creativity, I am still working on various ideas for presenting the work at assessment but am fairly happy with the work itself and its presentation on my blog. I didn’t want to present the series of five portraits without some kind of conceptual framework, and I struggled to find one that seemed meaningful. In the end, however, I found a concept that interests me and seems relevant both to a viewer’s experience of encountering the images and the wider social context of our world and the changes that are taking place in it.

Providing a context for my work has always been something of a challenge for me, not least because the main reason I joined the OCA course was to explore my creativity, and for me the process of documenting my reading, research and thinking runs in direct opposition to this. I do, however, understand the value and importance of this aspect of the course and feel I am slowly improving in my approach.