IAP A2: developing a presentation for assessment

For the past few days I have been working on the idea of presenting the project for assessment in book form, and have created three alternative drafts. One version has minimal accompanying text, the second has a strand of text running through the book, and the third has the accompanying text at the end of the book. If I do decide to go for the book format I would get the final version printed by Blurb, but I will wait until they have one of their regular 40% discount offers and use the interim period to get some distance from the drafts so that I can come back to them with a more objective viewpoint.

A pdf of the version with minimal accompanying text can be viewed here. A pdf of the version with a strand of text running through the book can be viewed here. A pdf of the version with the text at the end of the book can be viewed here.

Update 26 February

Dipping into the three versions repeatedly has made it clear to me that the version with the strand of text running through the book doesn’t work. While my original intention with this version was to allow the two narrative threads provided by text and images respectively to run parallel to each other, I have found that it’s impossible to read the text without feeling that the facing-page image is an illustration of or response to that text, which is not the case, and the reading of the images is distorted as a result. So my choice is now between the version with minimal text and the one with the text placed at the end of the book, where it can provide a contextual background to the images. I am currently undecided which option to go for. One strand of thought is that the text is surplus to requirements and the version with minimal text says that all needs to be said. And the other is that the text places the story told in the images into a broader context. I will request my peers’ views about which version works best in the Critiques forum.

Update 28 February

The unanimous view from the forum was that the version with minimal text was preferred. One commenter gave a very clear explanation of his impression of the differences between the two versions and what they were aiming to achieve, which helped enormously to clarify my thinking. And another commenter suggested condensing the minimal text still further and placing it all at the front of the book, and also varying the flow of images through the book. I have taken up both these very helpful suggestions and feel the outcome is a considerable improvement. The new (and possibly final) draft can be viewed here. The forum comments can be read here.