IAP A3: reflection before tutor feedback

I am aware that this submission is not exactly what the assignment brief asked for, in that it specifically asked for a study of a group and my response is limited to a single person. Nevertheless, it is my understanding that the key intention of the brief was to examine ways of visually communicating a sense of insiderness, and I feel that it has been possible to explore this with a single subject by focusing on the relationship between the subject and myself.

I could certainly have benefitted from having shot more photos for the project, not least because I might have saved myself a lot of time replacing Brigitte’s closed eyes in the final image with an open pair from another photo – although in the event that was an enjoyable exercise and one that allowed me to practice some of the skills I learned during the four months I was privileged to have access to LinkedInLearning during a pilot study run last year by OCA. In retrospect I would also have included some posed shots as well as the candid ones I restricted myself to on the day. But despite the limited quantity of images I took, I feel I have ended up with sufficient to offer a fair representation and impression of Brigitte’s lifestyle and work.

A couple of things I am particularly happy with… I did not consciously capture Brigitte alongside her print of Vivienne Westwood in the third image in the series, and am pleased at the fortuitous placement and the parallels between the two in terms of colouring and facial expression. I also like the inevitable Van Eyck Arnolfini reference raised by the convex mirror in image four.

I am looking forward to doing further work on ideas for presenting the project at assessment. As discussed in an earlier post, I decided at an early stage that the final prints would be on fabric, and I am currently leaning strongly towards a rag book format, but am keeping my mind open to other options and inspiration.