It’s exactly a year since I joined OCA, and in that time I’ve completed two modules and learned a huge amount about photography – about the technical aspects of taking and editing images, about key developments in the history of photography, about critical approaches to and philosophical analyses of photography, about the pivotal role of photography in modern culture, and about the work of many different photographers past and present. I have also learned that photography is an enormous, amorphous subject and that the more I learn, the more I realise there is still to learn.

My OCA journey to date has often taken me well outside of my comfort zone and I already sense that there’s a lot more of this ahead in IAP, but I know that a willingness to step outside of the familiar and comfortable is essential to growth and expansion in any area of life, so I intend to carry on embracing the discomfort in order to continue improving my understanding and practice of this ever more interesting subject.

Julia Salisbury, 8 January 2019