Magazine: Foam #55. Talent

I recently received the latest issue of Foam Magazine, an edition dedicated to a survey of emerging talent. As always it is beautifully produced, using a selection of papers with different textures, weights and finishes. But what really stood out for me this time was the section entitled In Fieri, the pages of which literally look like copper. I have a spun copper lamp, made from real copper, and the colour and sheen of the two are virtually identical. At first I thought this was a copper-coated paper, but it didn’t take long to realise that the white text on some of these pages, as well as the matching copper text on white paper on the magazine’s title page, must mean that the copper colour has been printed onto the page.

Some googling turned up Pantone’s metallic printing inks, and specifically the copper Pantone 16-1325. But clearly there’s more to it than just the colour. The paper they’ve chosen and its finishing is absolutely perfect, with exactly the right amount of sheen and a silky texture that feels luxurious to the touch. It also has precisely the right weight and degree of flexibility to reflect the light in a way that mimics the sheen of metal. All in all, this is a startlingly effective page design which I’ve repeatedly returned to admire. Credit is presumably due to the magazine’s art director Hamid Sallali and designer Ayumi Higuchi, and also its paper supplier Igepa Netherlands BV.

As for the magazine’s content, well yes, that’s interesting too, but – as I always find with this magazine – far too much to digest immediately. It will probably take me some weeks or even months of dipping in and out to absorb it.

References and resources

Foam Magazine (2019) Issue #55, Talent. Amsterdam: Foam Gallery.