Photographing the moon

A longtime friend of mine who died unexpectedly last August regularly posted photos of the full moon on his Facebook page. When he died many of his friends posted their own full moon pics in tribute, and it was only then that we all realised how good his images had been! I decided to learn how to photograph the moon properly, and last night I took this picture, as a trial run for tomorrow’s Super Blue Blood Moon and in case the sky is cloudy then. I used the Sunny 16 formula of f/16 1/100 ISO 100 and set my telescopic lens to its maximum focal length of 300 mm. I was rather surprised when I looked at the images to see that the moon appears to be divided into segments like a chocolate orange, with the splitting point at 5 o’clock. An example of photography’s ability to show us things we’re not able to see with the naked eye.

f/16 1/100 ISO 100 focal length 300.00 mm

4 February 2018

Today I came across a really super-sharp image of the Super Blue Blood full moon, which was taken with very different settings from mine. I am going to try these settings next time there’s a clear sky and a large moon: f/5.6 1/4000 ISO 800.