Robert Shore: Post-Photography

It took me a while to get around to reading this book after my EYV tutor Derek Trillo recommended it some months ago, perhaps because I felt intimidated by its huge weight (almost 1.7 kg) until I finally opened it a couple of weeks ago and immediately became absorbed. The format is very accessible – brief but informative profiles (a one-para bio plus artist’s statement) of 53 artists who work with photography in innovative ways, followed in each case by three to five pages of high-quality reproductions of the works referred to.

Before reading the book I was only familiar with a handful of the artists surveyed, so it has introduced me to a whole new world in which photographs are so much more than something created in a single click of the shutter. It has fundamentally changed my understanding of photography, and I am simultaneously overwhelmed and inspired by the apparently unlimited well of creativity that exists in this space.

References and resources

Shore, R. (2014) Post-Photography: The Artist with a Camera. London: Laurence King Publishing Ltd.