Stopping and re-starting the course

Back in March I was really struggling with IAP, and felt stressed and overwhelmed by the challenges ahead. All the sense of enjoyment and of exploring and expressing my creativity that I’d had when I started the course just over a year earlier had disappeared, and I wondered why on earth I was doing it when it was making me so miserable. Eventually I decided to take a break and see how I felt further down the line.

At first it was a massive relief to sweep all the stress and anxiety away in one fell swoop, and I was not at all sure that I’d want to return. Rather than force a decision one way or the other, I decided just to leave my options open for as long as I needed to or until time ran out.

Nine months later at the beginning of December I felt ready to dip my toes back into the water. I decided to pick up where I’d left off and see how that felt before making a formal decision. I completed the part 1 exercises and found that I had a new way forward for the work I’d already done for the first assignment. And I enjoyed it. So I got in touch with the student office to let them know I was returning to the course, and here I am.