The Brighton Biennial study visit

The OCA study visit to Brighton Biennial allowed me to take a final look at all the works and gave me a chance to see the changes that had taken place in Émeric Lhuisset’s unfixed cyanotypes over the month they were on display (above). It was also a great opportunity to discuss all the works with other people – one thing that my volunteering work hadn’t given me except in my role as information provider. I also got to see some of the Fringe exhibits that I hadn’t seen previously.

But for me the best aspect of the three days was spending time with other OCA students, a small number of whom I’d met at the previous study visit I attended, to see the 2018 Deutsche Börse Prize nominees at the Photographers Gallery. Meeting so many fellow students (I would estimate around 20–25 attended in total over the three days) has further strengthened my sense of being part of something bigger than just my own studies, which was something I lacked until I started participating in the forums and group hangouts in around June or July this year.

I really enjoyed the entire programme OCA tutor Jayne Taylor had arranged for us, but found Sunday’s crit session the most enlightening and productive of all, which was certainly not what I had expected as I thought I disliked group discussions of this kind. It was really inspiring to see the work other people are engaged in and hear them talk about it, especially the Level 3 students. I have started to think that if I keep on plodding through the course, one day I too may produce work of a similar intellectual and artistic standard.