Tides: Photographing the seafront

Tides: Photographing the Seafront is an exhibition currently showing on Brighton beach by a group of six photographers who go under the collective banner of the Peer to Pier Photography Group, which was previously shown in 2016 as part of Brighton Fringe. As the exhibition poster explains, they work together to:

… reflect, respond to and tell the story of this central stretch of Brighton’s seafront. Capturing the constant change, the rhythms of the day, the seasons and the physical regeneration. Exploring the multilayered nature of the place – its attractions, its visitors and the people who make the area work.

Each photographer has their own approach to the subject of the seafront. Audrey Marshall captures the atmosphere out of season when fewer people are around, while Colin Miller focuses on visitors and their activities. Colleen Slater documents the changing seasons and Leon Bellis looks at structural change in the form of ongoing improvement and development projects. David Wilsdon records those who work on the seafront while Steve Boyle focuses on the shapes and forms made by people. I felt particularly drawn to Boyle’s work, and found his quirky observations to be amusing and beautifully composed.

Having photographed the seafront myself for EYV assignment 2, the exhibition was a useful lesson to me that there are many different ways to approach the same territory, including several ways I would be unlikely ever to have considered without seeing these examples.

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Steve Boyle: Hoops and Stripes

Steve Boyle: Basketball

Audrey Marshall: Noddy on the Pier