Working up to the EYV 5 assignment

I made three attempts at creating a sequence of 10 images for the EYV 5 assignment Photography is simple before finding one that worked for me. I have posted the three rejected sequences below. Although all three seemed to satisfy the assignment brief, and I liked the progression from simplicity to complexity in sequence 1, they all felt a bit like box-ticking exercises. Basically, my heart wasn’t in them. After reading Hurn and Jay (2008), I realised that this was because I had not actively chosen my subject but had just gone out wandering with my camera to see what I might find.

I decided to make a note of this in my learning log because it’s such an important insight into what makes me tick as a photographer… I need to have some enthusiasm for my subject, and that means actively choosing it and going out to find it rather than waiting for it to appear in front of me.

Sequence 1

Sequence 2

Sequence 3

References and resources

Hurn, D. and Jay, B. (2008) On Being a Photographer (3rd edition). USA: LensWork Publishing.